Tested to perform Why does an oil need to be strong?

Engine technology is constantly racing forward. As drivers, we’ve demanded more and more power from smaller, lighter engines. In the last decade alone, certain tests indicate the average level of operating pressures within the engine has doubled.

Some engine parts such as the cam and follower are placed under pressures of up to 10,000kg per square centimetre’s.

All that separates these components is the thin layer of oil. So if you use a weak oil it may fail to resist this pressure, causing metal to metal contact, which can increase friction and reduces efficiency.

If you want the confidence to drive with freedom, you need to know your oil can adapt and respond to everything you demand of it.

So ask yourself, do you want a strong oil or a weak oil?

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Tue Apr 28 2015 03:44:52 UTC+0000 (UTC)