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What does Titanium Fluid Strength Technology™ do to the oil?

  • It strengthens the engine oil's, enhancing it’s ability to minimise metal to metal contact between your engine parts, lowering friction and maximising engine performance for longer even when under pressure

What are the benefits for my engine of using Castrol EDGE with Titanium Fluid Strength Technology™?

  • Excellent levels of protection across a variety of driving conditions and temperatures
  • Maximised short and long term engine performance
  • Improved engine efficiency (independently qualified)
  • Sustained performance even when under pressure

What are the benefits for me as a driver using Castrol EDGE?

Why is Strength important for an oil?

Why is the Fluid Strength Test important?

  • The Fluid Strength Test tells us how strong the oil is at minimising metal to metal contact; the more contact that occurs, the more likely friction is to increase, the more likely performance is to be impacted, the more likely that engine wear will occur and long term engine performance is impacted

Why is the MET important?

  • The MET proves the enduring strength of the oil. It indicates the oil's ability to resist breaking down, continual ability to cope with engine pressures and deliver extended engine performance and remain stronger for longer no matter what the variety of conditions or the way you drive
  • A complete test and comparison of the oils ability to continually excel at doing its job even when under pressure; cleaning, lubricating, cooling, protecting, allowing maximum performance to be achieved.

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